Data Loss? CompuGeaux has Solutions

Imagine for a second, losing ALL of your data in the blink of an eye. Maybe it was caused by a hardware failure; maybe you dropped your laptop to the ground; maybe your child thought it was a good idea to prentend your computer was a boat; or maybe even something worse happened, like a fire or a tornado. What would you lose? Business owners would probably lose all of their customer information. Families and individuals might lose precious and irreplaceable pictures. Both grous can lose important financial information. All gone in the blink of an eye; an unfortunate daily threat in today’s technology age. But what can you do when you lose data… and how can you prevent it? CompuGeaux  recently partnered with two different companies in order to serve its customers with two different options for dealing with data loss.



Let’s face it, things happen. And when stuff happens that cause you to lose your data, you are probably going to start to panic. That’s understandable; you just lost all of your data, permanently. It’s all gone. If you are a small business, this can be the death nail. About 80% of  small businesses will go out of business within just two years of a complete data loss. That’s a staggering number. data-recovery-your-computer-guyWhat if I told you there was no need to panic? You’ld probably look at me like I am crazy, right? You might think I’ve lost my mind. You might even smack me across my face.Well, friend; listen closely:


For over 30 years, our data recovery partners, DriveSavers Data Recovery has been proving that data loss is a temporary problem. With that experience, they have performed well over 500,000 data recoveries, and employ 30 full-time data recovery technicians working around the clock, every day. They are recommended and authorized by the world’s leading storage and computer manufacturers. This means that the work will never compromise your warranty coverage. Only DriveSavers can make this guarantee. DriveSavers also invested over $2 million to build the world’s most advanced Cleanroom to meet manufacturer standards. This dust and static free environment helps maintain the highest success rate in the industry.

DS_banner_300x100As an Authorized Reseller, CompuGeaux can offer you the services of our partners at DriveSavers Data Recovery for a discounted price. It’s our way of providing the best computer maintenace service in the area. Click here, message us on Facebook, or call CompuGeaux for information.



CompuGeaux has also become an affiliate of the cloud backup service, Carbonite. Carbonite won the 2015 PC Mag Business Choice Award in Cloud Computing Services  and the Carbonite Customer Care Team was awarded the 2016 American Business Awards Gold Stevie Award for Customer Service Department of the Year. As an affiliate of Carbonite, CompuGeaux can bring you the onoine backup services of the best in the industry at an afordable price.

logo-carboniteSo how does it work? Simply install the program. After installation, Carbonite scans the hard disk looking for files to back up. Carbonite automatically backs up all file types except executables (such as .exe and .dll), system files, temporary files and video files. However, any of the excluded file types can be manually added to the backup by right-clicking on the file and selecting “”Back this up”” from the Carbonite menu. Upon setup, Carbonite offers a wide array of options for customizing your backup, but 95% of Carbonite users prefer to stick with the default settings. Call CompuGeaux now for more information on the best in cloud  backup solutions.

CompuGeaux is determined to be the Baton Rouge area’s leading experts on data backup and recovery. Teaming up with the experts in each of those categories, we are now able to bring you quality data recovery and online data backup services at an affordable price. No longer do you have to play Russian roulette with your data and risk losing everything.

Got Data Loss? CompuGeaux has solutions. Call now for more information.

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