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SSL Certificates: If you don't have one, Google Chrome will tag your site as Not Secure.

On or around July 1st, Google will release an update to it’s popular Chrome browser. It is estimated that 60% of internet users are using Chrome for their regular browsing. This means, 60% of the people visiting your site will get the impression that it is not a secure website as their first impression. Is that the type of first impression you really want to make?

Get an SSL before July so your site doesn't get a Non-Secure warning.

A Not Secure label on your website can devastate your business. If your website does not run HTTPS by default, your visitors will begin to see a flag next to your domain name at the top address bar of the Google Chrome 68 browser showing that your website is not secure. Once they make the jump, other browsers will also begin to follow.

Part of the HTTPS Everywhere movement, internet browser Mozilla Firefox has already openly stated with Google that their intent is to make HTTPS the new minimum. As an example, in January 2017, Firefox implemented a policy that began marking form elements on HTTP sites as insecure, and they warn users that any login information could become compromised.

Get serious about data security and get the little green lock that shows visitors that you’re secure. CompuGeaux has partnered with GoDaddy and a number of other technology companies to provide custom SSL/HTTPS solutions for your business and website.

Get the Green Lock with an SSL/HTTPS Solution from CompuGeaux

The new requirements might not sound like a big deal for website owners that do not process payments or ask for information, but all websites should have HTTPS encryption and every website can benefit from an SSL certificate.

If you do not currently have an SSL certificate installed on your site, you are already missing Google’s automatic search ranking boost from back in 2014. In addition, Google de-prioritizes HTTP sites. With an SSL certificate installed, your site will have access to powerful API tools that users have come to expect in responsive websites, such as geolocation and audio/video streaming.

If that was not enough motivation, SSL certificates also unlock a significant performance boost by allowing your site to operate over HTTP/2, which by itself has the capability to improve your load times by up to 40 percent!

Today, visitors look for green locks on their address bars to feel secure before giving trust to a site. An SSL certificate shows legitimacy and professionalism by ensuring your users feel protected while browsing. No website is too small. No data is worthless. With Google Chrome 68, it will matter. Installing an SSL certificate could not be easier with the number of options CompuGeaux has for getting the job done.

So contact CompuGeaux now and speak to a Website Security Specialist today!

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